Used Faro EDGE Laser ScanArm

Used 2014 Faro EDGE 6-FT Laser ScanArm for sale. Lightly used, comes with 3mm and 6mm Probe, PolyWorks Premium software included! New Faro calibration certificate, 1 year manufacturer warranty


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Used 2014 Faro EDGE 6-FT Laser ScanArm for sale. Lightly used, comes with 3mm and 6mm Probe, PolyWorks Premium software

New Faro calibration certificate, 1-Year manufacturer warranty.

EDGE Laser ScanArm Includes:

  • EDGE 6-FT SCAN-ARM with all cables
  • FARO Laser Line Probe
  • Faro 3mm and 6mm Probe
  • Faro Tripod and EDGE adapter + hardcase
  • EDGE ScanArm Hard Storage Case

Software Includes:

  • FARO EDGE drivers
  • PolyWorks Premium software

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The World's Most Innovative Measurement Arm

The Edge is the most advanced, state-of-the-art FaroArm® ever introduced. It is the first ever smart measurement arm featuring an integrated personal measurement assistant. With its built-in touchscreen and on-board operating system, the Edge revolutionizes portable metrology by providing standalone basic measurement capability. The FARO Edge simplifies the user experience with improved performance, portability, and reliability. Improve production, quality, and reverse engineering processes by rapidly verifying or scanning parts with confidence and accuracy using the FARO Edge

Most Common Applications

  • Aerospace: Alignment, tooling & mould certification, part inspection
  • Automotive: Tool building & certification, alignment, part inspection
  • Metal fabrication: OMI, First Article Inspection, Periodic Part Inspection
  • Moulding/tool & die: mould and die inspection, prototype part scanning


  • Simplified user experience
  • Enhanced ergonomics, less fatigue
  • Quick measurements without a computer
  • Diagnose setup issues affecting performance
  • Improved reliability and capability


  • Smart Sensor Technology: Warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations, and detect possible setup problems. Ergonomics Improved weight distribution and balance, for reduced strain and ease-of-use.
  • Smart Connectivity: Through Bluetooth, WLAN, USB, and Ethernetready options. Enables multiple device management through enhanced networking
  • Smart Multi-Function Handle Port: Quick-change handle and expandable capability for seamless and interchangeable accessory integration
  • Ergonomics: Improved weight distribution and balance, for reduced strain and ease-of-use
  • Multi-Probe Capability: Including standard, touch, FARO iProbes, and custom probes.
  • Intuitive On-Board Measurement System: Built-in touchscreen computer for laptop-free basic measurements. On-board diagnostics and easy-to-setup measurement routines
  • 1.8m (6 ft.) spherical working volume
  • Single Point Accuracy 0.024mm , Volumetric +/- 0.034mm


Faro EDGE 6 FT Laser ScanArm Brochure

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