Leica BLK2GO Handheld Imaging Scanner

Leica BLK2GO Handheld Imaging Scanner Sale. The Leica BLK2GO Imaging Scanner is professionals can take advantage of never-before-seen mobility for scanning complex indoor environments.


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Leica BLK2GO Imaging Scanner, creates a 3D digital twin while you walk through a space. It is the fastest and easiest way to scan a large building, structure or environment

With the BLK2GO, professionals can take advantage of never-before-seen mobility for scanning complex indoor environments. The BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner recreates spaces in 3D as you move. It captures images and dimensionally accurate point clouds in real-time and uses SLAM technology to record your trajectory through space.  It is the fastest, easiest, and least obtrusive way to scan a large building, space, or environment. Due to its powerful technology yet simple operation, it is easy for users of any experience level to simply pick up the BLK2GO, turn it on, and capture a digital twin of a space or structure quickly and accurately while walking through it. The BLK2GO captures 420,000 points per second and includes GrandSLAM technology: a combination of LiDAR SLAM, visual SLAM, and an IMU to orient itself in 3D space and scan while in motion. It is fully compatible with the Leica Geosystems Cyclone suite of Reality Capture software and offers unprecedented scanning speed to reality capture users in industries worldwide.

Leica BLK2GO Scanner Package

  • BLK2GO Scanner
  • BLK2GO Transportation Case
  • GEB821 Li-Ion Battery x3, GKL821 Multicharger
  • BLK2GO Table Stand
  • GEV278 USB C Cable
  • BLK2GO Wrist Strap
  • BLK2GO Quick Guide
  • BLK2GO USB Documentation Card
  • BLK2GO Mission Bag for BLK2GO Scanner & Accessories
  • BLK2GO Laser Scanner CCP Basic 1 Year


The BLK2GO is a handheld imaging laser scanner that creates a 3D digital twin while you walk through a space. It is the fastest and easiest way to scan a large building, structure or environment.

  • SIMPLE: One button is all you need to control the BLK2GO. Turn it on, walk, and the BLK2GO takes millions of accurate measurements to recreate the space around you in 3D.
  • SLEEK: A masterpiece of cutting-edge engineering design.
  • FAST: Scan as you go with no interruptions. Digital reality capture of the space around you happens in real time as you move through it.
  • AGILE: Scan over and under objects, through rooms and doorways, around corners, and up and down stairwells. Using SLAM spatial awareness technology, BLK2GO knows where it is and where it has been in space.
  • SEAMLESS CAPTURE: Like a torch for visualising three-dimensional reality, the BLK2GO automatically builds 3D point clouds while in motion. From the moment you begin a scan session until the moment you turn off the BLK2GO, all imagery and 3D data are combined.
  • UNBOUND: No tripod. Onboard data collection. Continuous scanning on rechargeable battery power.

BLK2GO Specs

  • DUAL AXIS LIDAR DOME: The smallest dual axis LiDAR available with best-in-class accuracy, enclosed in a fully protected and encapsulated dome that scans up to 420,000 points per second. Both axes constantly spin while scanning.
  • MULTICAMERA VISION SYSTEM: The BLK2GO’s vision system is a 12-megapixel detail camera for brilliant high-contrast imagery plus three panoramic cameras for visual navigation via SLAM, point cloud colourisation and capture of panoramic imagery.
  • THE GRANDSLAM: The GRANDSLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is a combination of high-speed dual axis LiDAR, multi-camera vision system and an inertial measurement unit that makes the BLK2GO self-navigating. BLK2GO's GrandSLAM technology combines LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM, and an IMU to deliver best-in-class handheld mobile mapping performance. Gain speed and confidence when capturing including large indoor, outdoor, underground, complex, and multi-level spaces.
    • LiDAR SLAM: The BLK2GO identifies different surfaces and unique geometry in the LiDAR data, which it analyzes to calculate its 3D position.
    • Visual SLAM: Three panoramic cameras identify similarities between consecutive images to calculate the scanner’s movement through 3D space.
    • IMU: While you walk, the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) senses your movement to calculate the BLK2GO’s change of position in 3D space.
  • SMART HANDLE: The BLK2GO’s handle contains WLAN connectivity, a rechargeable battery capable of 45 minutes of continuous scanning, data storage for six hours of scans, a USB-C port for fast data transfer and edge computing.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Weighing in 775 grams (1.7 lbs.) with battery, the BLK2GO’s matte-finish aluminum construction allows for excellent dexterity and freedom of movement. 
  • ADVANCED LIGHTGUIDE: The light guide that encircles the BLK2GO is simple, intuitive and communicative to users of all skill levels. It provides user guidance while scanning and communicates the device status and data quality


  • Architecture: Architects and other AEC professionals use the BLK2GO to document as-built conditions for the restoration and renovation of existing spaces. Capture massive buildings with speed, accuracy, and efficiency to create the foundation for BIM designs and CAD drawings.
  • Facility Management: Facility managers can use BLK2GO scans to make accurate and informed decisions about their properties. Detailed floorplans allow facility managers to understand and improve the layout of specific facilities and to better understand the precise location of assets in their key directories.
  • Space Planning: The BLK2GO can be used to map large and complex buildings like hospitals, offices, and college campuses with unprecedented speed. The accurate floorplans that can be built from BLK2GO data streamline the retrofit process.
  • Real Estate: In real estate, every square meter counts. Accurate floorplans generated with BLK2GO ensure that owners get what their property is worth, and buyers know exactly what they are paying for.
  • Engineering: Engineers bring their problem-solving skills to a project. When designing with specific goals in mind, engineers require the right tools; with the BLK2GO, they can scan spaces and digitally analyze, design, and build the best solutions for the project at hand.



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