Leica ScanStation C5

Leica ScanStation C5 sale, the scalable laser scanner, Entry-level laser scanner with Leica Geosystems quality and flexibility


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Leica ScanStation C5 Scalable Entry-level Laser Scanner, the first laser scanner in the market to offer a platform based concept to expand with your demands

The compact, scalable Leica ScanStation C5 provides professionals with a combination of legendary Leica Geosystems quality scan data with a significantly lower cost of scanner ownership. These advances not only address today’s scanning professionals, but also address organizations wanting to enter into laser scanning to diversify and/or improve their current business. Fully integrated, cable-less system. The Leica ScanStation C5 has an easy-to-learn onboard interface with high-resolution, color touch screen and integrated, high-resolution zoom video. It features a laser plummet and tribrach mount and interfaces to standard survey accessories such as TPS batteries, total station prisms, and even the Leica GPS SmartAntenna. Thus, even professionals new to High-Definition Surveying (HDS) will find it easy to learn and work with the Leica ScanStation C5.

Leica ScanStation C5 is also designed to be incrementally upgraded over time with additional capabilities that can help owners take advantage of scanning for even more applications and sites. Leica ScanStation C5 owners can add high-accuracy tilt compensation, internal digital camera access, high scan speed  and long range via simple upgrades, from a value, productivity and data quality standpoint, the Leica ScanStation C5 is ideal for organizations wanting to get into scanning

Leica Scanstation C5 sale includes;

  • 1x HDSC5, Leica ScanStation C5 scan head (788 980)
  • 1x GVP645, ScanStation C10/C5 transport container (769 625)
  • 1x GDF321 Tribrach without optical plummet (777 508)
  • 4x GEB242, Lithium-Ion battery (793 975)
  • 1x GKL212, Basic charger (772 785)
  • 1x AC/DC adapter for basic charger (773 058)
  • 1x Daisy chain cable for basic charger (773 059)
  • 1x Car-Adapter cable for basic charger (738 242)
  • 1x GEV228, ScanStation C10/C5 data cable (766 567)
  • 1x GHM008, Scanner height meter (772 829)
  • 1x GHT196, Distance holder for height meter (722 045)
  • 1x Cleaning tissue (771 349)
  • 1x CD-ROM Cyclone (755 609)
  • 1x ScanStation C10/C5 User manual (774 311)
  • 1x ScanStation C10/C5 System Field Manual (781 284)
  • 1x ScanStation C10/C5 System USB stick (819 532)
  • 1x Cyclone BASIC (798 749)
  • 1x CCP Basic for ScanStation C5 (1year) (6003159

The Leica ScanStation C5 is equipped with all of the features to get your laser scanning business started and with options to upgrade whenever needed:

  • Flexible license system to upgrade speed, range, camera and dual-axis compensator modules from entry-level to high-end
  • All critical components in one, portable instrument: full field-of-view, high accuracy, graphic touchscreen, powerful video camera, onboard data storage, hot-swappable batteries and many more
  • Combine with Leica Geosystems point cloud software, other scanners, training and support for a perfect workflow

Upgrade options

Range option: Range extension from 35m to 300m increases fields of application and reduces the number of setups in a project
Scanstation-C5-Speed-option Speed option: Boost the scan rate from 25.000 pts/sec to 50.000 pts/sec and optimize your poductivity by reducing field time
Scanstation-C5-Camera-option Camera option: Enable the integrated streaming video camera to take high-resolution color images for photo-realistic point cloud texture mapping.
Scanstation-C5-Compensator-option Compensator option: Add online dual-axis compensation to your scan process for automatic level correction and convenient field setup features.

The Leica ScanStation C5 is the only scanner where users can start with excellent entry-level capabilities and add additional features over time  - all the way up to the highest set of capabilities packed into any single laser scanner instrument. Users can take advantage of surveyor-friendly, onboard total station-like control or use an external laptop for even more powerful, onsite viewing and data processing.


Versatile Platform
Leica ScanStation C5 starts with all-in-one portability, a full 360º x 270º field-of-view, high accuracy, low-noise scan data, good range (35m @5% reflectivity), and high scan speed (25k pts/sec). Users can add premium features onto the very same platform for even greater versatility


Leica ScanStation C5 can be used for fast, full dome scans –  under 4 minutes for a typical room. It also conducts general 360º and focused area scans fast, can be quickly setup & moved, lets users locate targets, register & geo-reference fast, and lets users quickly check scan results. Users can also add premium features for even greater productivity.

Leica-HDS-C5-More-Cost-Savings More Cost Savings
In addition to ScanStation C5’s low, entry-level price point, it’s easy to learn, with a total station-like interface and intuitive, onboard graphic color touch screen display. It’s also incrementally upgradeable over time, uses standard total station batteries, and its cable-free design features fewer accessories – all contributing to an even lower cost of ownership.
Leica-HDS-C5-Familiar-interface Familiar, total station-like interface
Leica ScanStation C5 supports standard laser scanning workflows with a rich, familiar total station interface and easy to learn touch screen operation

Integrated real-time streaming video with zoom

For fast, accurate selection of the scene and targets to be scanned. As an add-on option, the auto-adjusting, internal, high-resolution camera image can also be used for texture mapping of point clouds.

Smart X-Mirror design

Leica-HDS-C5-Integrated-real-time-streamingThe mirror automatically spins for fast 360º and full dome scans and oscillates for efficient, targeted scans. The same Smart X-Mirror automatically aligns the internal digital camera.


Compatibility with standard surveying equipment

Leica-HDS-C5-CompatibilityAttach handles with Leica GPS SmartAntenna or prism holder, or use without handle for unobstructed overhead scans. A built-in laser plummet and tribrach mount provide added compatibility with standard field procedures and accessories.




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