Used Geoslam ZEB HORIZON 3D UAV mount

Geoslam ZEB Horizon 3D mobile scanner with UAV mount almost new! 1 year manufacturer warranty! Low Hours! UAV mount included! Hub & Draw Start license

US $21500

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Used Geoslam ZEB Horizon 3D mobile scanner with UAV mount
sold as is, almost new, 1 Year manufacturer warranty, low hours, Hub & Draw Start license, UAV mount (The Drone is displayed for visual, not included in this sale).


Meet the newest member of the GeoSLAM family - the ZEB-HORIZON 3D mobile scanner. With a range of 100m, the ZEB-HORIZON is great for outdoor use, yet its lightweight and compact design also makes it perfect for indoor surveys. With powerful SLAM technology at its heart, the ZEB-HORIZON can be used in remote areas with poor GPS - such as underground or in forest environments. The complete Solution comes in a backpack for simple transportation and ease of use. Elevate the ZEB-HORIZON with an extendable pole to increase scanner range, or to access hard-to reach spaces (such as ceiling voids). Attach the ZEB-HORIZON to the GeoSLAM Cradle to lower into inaccessible areas (such as manholes). Mount the ZEB-HORIZON to a drone and take to the skies for complete coverage of all features. 

GeoSLAM ZEB-HORIZON 3D mobile scanner sale includes:

  • ZEB-HORIZON scanner
  • ZEB-HORIZON HDD datalogger (CPU)
  • ZEB-HORIZON Cables Set
  • ZEB-HORIZON Battery pack
  • GeoSLAM Hub & Draw Start license
  • USB3 memory stick containing Installation & User Guide
  • ZEB-HORIZON Backpack
  • Additional ZEB-CAM-HORIZON
  • 1 year extended hardware warranty
  • 1 year extended GeoSLAM Hub & Draw Start software support
  • UAV mount