Used Faro Quantum S Arm HD Laser

For sale FARO Quantum S 3.5m 7 axis includes Arm with High Definition Laser Line Probe, sold AS-IS in perfect condition, Used like new as a demo unit only, tested and works flawessly with FARO working standards


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For sale FARO Quantum S 3.5m 7 axis includes Arm with High Definition Laser Line Probe, sold AS-IS in perfect condition, Used like new as a demo unit only, tested and works flawessly with FARO working standards.

The Quantum FaroArm combined with the FARO Laser Line Probe HD (High Definition) delivers unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities by integrating the best laser scanner available in the market, which provides the highest fidelity point cloud data at high speed.

Package includes;

  • FARO Quantum S 3.5m 7 axis includes Arm, High Definition Laser Line Probe 
  • Calibration kit, Base, Plate, 3mm Probe, 6mm Probe, Cables, Heavy-duty case, Rechargeable battery
  • Faro Power Cord, USB Connector Cable, Shipping Case, Portable Storage Case, Probing Handle Attachment, Accessories Case, Probe Case, SPAT Nest, Mounting Plate, LLP calibration Plate, Dust Cover, Faro Heavy Duty Tripod, connecting mount and heavy duty tripod travel case
  • HP Z Book Gen 4 Laptop included

FARO Quantum S Arm

The FARO Quantum S Arm is the world’s most innovative portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections,  Dimensional Analysis, CAD-Based Inspection, First Article Inspection, Incoming Inspection, In-Process Inspection, On-Machine Inspection, Part Inspection, Final Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Tool Building & Setup

The QuantumS is the first Arm to meet the new and most rigorous ISO 10360-12:2016 international measurement quality standard. The Quantum S sets a new industry benchmark and extends the FARO tradition of maximum measurement consistency and reliability in every working environment.

The FARO QuantumS is available in four working volumes and it is the most intuitive, ergonomic and accurate FaroArm ever delivered. Perfectly suited for high accuracy measurement tasks, it helps manufacturers meet their most demanding specifications on parts and assemblies.

Features & Benefits

Innovative Design for Highest Performance & Reliability

An all-new design ensures superior performance and confidence in measurement results in most working environments, delivering high consistency and reliability, while the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD ensures best-in-class scanning capability (5x faster laser scanning than previous FARO generations.

Excellent Ergonomics & Usability

New ergonomic design and overall weight optimization is combined with new features, including FARO kinematic intelligent probes, which allow you to quickly and easily switch probes during inspection.

Compliance with International Standard

The QuantumS is the only Arm in the market that is verified against the international certification standard, ISO 10360-12:2016, setting an industry benchmark and ensuring maximum measurement consistency and reliability in a wide range of work environments.

High Speed Wireless Operation (Robust Wi-Fi)

New sophisticated and robust electronic design delivers superior reliability and guarantees optimal wireless operation for scanning and probing.

Extended Battery Use

Dual hot swappable batteries support prolonged cable-free operation of the device, making it easy to go to the part without the need for external power.


FARO Quantum ScanArm with FAROBlu Technology

The QuantumS combined with the FAROBlu ™ Laser Line Probe HD delivers unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities by integrating the best laser scanner available in the market. Through simple plug-and-play, users can attach the FAROBlu ™ to the Quantum S creating an all-in-one measurement solution. The hard probe and the Laser Line Probe can digitize interchangeably without having to remove either component. Users can digitize simple features with the Arm’s hard probe and seamlessly scan across diverse surface materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity or part complexity without any special coatings or target placement.

The FAROBlu utilizes blue laser technology, a state-of-the-art camera and optics to provide best-in-class scanning capability, enabling fast scanning speed for high productivity. It allows operators to scan challenging surfaces, including dark and reflective materials, and provides users with high resolution and high accuracy. The extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate boost productivity by increasing coverage and reducing scanning time. Intricate components can be captured in fine detail — as a result of the 600,000 points per second scan rate and the FAROBlu laser featuring noise reduction technology. The cross-hair feature and LED Rangefinder functionality provide real-time scanning feedback thereby allowing users to dramatically reduce required training time.

Blue Laser
The FAROBluLaser Line Probe HD leverages an optically-superior blue laser technology. The blue laser has a short wavelength, which delivers improved scanning results with higher resolution thanks to its greater ability to discover small details in an object compared to red laser. The blue laser also provides a 50% reduction in speckle noise compared to red laser.


Advanced Sensor
The FAROBlu™ camera uses the most advanced CMOS technology to deliver fast frame rate (i.e. the number of times per second that the camera gathers new data on the part being scanned) of up to 300 frames per second (fps)


Custom Optics
The FAROBlu boasts superior, large-diameter, custom optics that collect more light and more data to deliver better accuracy and sharper and brighter images. Utilizing a larger sweet spot, it supports a wider laser line width that scans a larger area, providing faster, more productive scanning


Laser Line Width
The FAROBlu™ features laser line width of 150mm. The extensive line width scans a larger area, delivering fast and efficient scanning. Additionally, the Laser Line Probe HD features a solid, blue laser beam generated without the use of moving components which can be sensitive to vibration and risk inducing errors in accuracy and impacting productivity by forcing repeat scans


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