Used FARO Focus 3D S350 PLUS Laser Scanner

Used FARO Focus 3D S350 PLUS for sale. only 305 Scans, SCENE software, MINT condition and ready to go to work.


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Used FARO Focus 3D S350 PLUS for sale. 305 Scans, MINT condition and ready to go to work. SCENE software dongle, fully shop tested, serviced and calibrated by Authorized technician to be ready to working order in the field.

New features of the FARO Focus 3D S350 PLUS Laser Scanner
Faster and more reliable on-site registration guarantees the efficiency of the scanning and on-site processing process
Full visibility of the scanning process thanks to the status indicator allows users to know the progress level of each scanning
The upgrade function allows users to configure and, with a single click, check the severity level of the laser scanner
Ensuring reliable data with better noise reduction
Thanks to its small size, low weight and long range, the FARO Focus 3D S350 Plus is ideal for outdoor applications. The Focus S 350 provides scan results, even in difficult conditions, in narrow, dusty or humid places, in the rain or in direct sunlight. The on-site compensation tool allows you to optimize the quality of the data directly at the location of the 3D survey. The integrated GPS and GLONASS receiver make it easy to determine positions. HDR imaging and high definition photo resolution provide realistic scanning results with high quality data.


  • Faro Focus S350 Plus Laser Scanner
  • 1x Power Block battery
  • Power Dock charging cradle
  • Power Supply
  • Optic Cleaning Fluid
  • 3x Optic Cleaning Tissues
  • 32GB SD card and reader
  • SD card cover
  • Original quick release adapter ATS/FARO for FARO Focus S scanner
  • transport case
  • USB stick with SCENE software Licence
  • Calibration certificate

Differences compared to the FARO Focus 3D S350:

  • Measuring speed: up to 2 million points/second
  • Greater point cloud density in the same time
  • Faster and more accurate scanning
  • Reduced noise

FARO Focus 3D S350 PLUS Brochure

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