Used Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan GPR System PSA 100

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan GPR package, almost new, 1 year manufacturer warranty! Low Hours! manufacture year 2020


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  • used-hilti-ps-1000-x-scan-gpr-psa-100-price.jpg
  • used-hilti-ps-1000-x-scan-gpr-psa-100-tablet-for-sale.jpg
  • used-hilti-ps-1000-x-scan-gpr-psa-100-tablet-price.jpg

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan GPR package, almost new! 1 year manufacturer warranty! Low Hours! manufacture year 2020 - Wonderful condition, used for one particular project, with PSA 100 Tablet.

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Sale includes:

  • PS 1000 Full Kit Hard Case
  • PSA 100 Tablet SPA 100 Soft Carry Case with shoulder strap  
  • PUA 81 Charger  
  • PSA 81 Lilon Battery (X3)
  • PSA 93 Headset with Five original replacement foam covers  
  • LogiLink Card reader PUA 70 Marker pen, set #340806

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Ground Penetrating Radar System

The HILTI PS 1000 X-Scan is a handheld GPR designed for use on concrete slabs to detect rebar and other features within the first 30cm of concrete. It has four small wheels and is operated in a sideways movement across a concrete surface. Internally it contains three GPR antennas, which allows it to have a very good shallow resolution and reliable performance. The X-Scan allows the collection of GPR data in a grid using paper to produce a map of any features detected, the X-Scan is also able to see past the first layer to detect multiple layers of rebar, but it is not able to determine rebar diameters. The X-scan should be able to detect any feature, metallic or non-metallic, including plastic and voids, buried in concrete to a depth of 300mm.

The PS 1000 is a GPR or Ground Penetrating Radar, it works by transmitting a signal into the concrete slab and then listening for reflections which are recorded, because it has multiple antennas, it can simultaneously record data reflected at different angles, which gives it a very good resolution and reliable performance.

A GPR signal is reflected by any change in the properties of the material it is travelling through (see our GPR training area for further information), this means that an X-Scan can be used to find almost any kind of object or feature which is buried in concrete.

The raw GPR data can be displayed in real time, but the true outputs from the X-Scan are a real time data processing and migration view which shows a cross-section of the slab and is much easier to interpret than standard GPR data, and the 2D plan view which can be produced quickly on site.


  • Provides real-time view of the inside of concrete structures and generates accurate images automatically for direct on-site evaluation
  • Three scan modes for specific applications – Quickscan detection, Quickscan recording and Imagescan
  • Displays a top view and cross sections of the scan in 2D and 3D for easy object mapping and multilayer identification
  • Compact all-in-one design offers easy operation, plus unmatched data visualization means hundreds of square meters of concrete can be inspected in a day
  • Powerful monitor for in-depth, on-site scan analysis plus PC software for subsequent data evaluation and documentation


  • Locating rebars, tendons, metal and plastic conduits, glass-fiber cables, voids and wood in dry concrete structures at depths of up to 300 mm
  • Minimizing hitting concealed objects when drilling anchor holes or through holes, breaking out openings and in diamond coring and sawing work
  • Rebar extension (post-installed rebar connections) in structural applications
  • Inspection of floors, decks, slabs, balconies, etc. in structures such as tunnels, bridges and buildings
  • Detection of voids and cavities

Technical Data

  • Max. detection depth for object localization: 12 in 1 
  • Accuracy of depth indication: <100 mm: ±10 mm, >100 mm: ±15 % 2 
  • Localization accuracy: ±10 mm 3 
  • Minimum distance between two neighbouring objects: 1.57 in 
  • Data memory (scanner): 200 scans 
  • Maximum operating time: 4 h 
  • Working temperature range: 14 - 122 °F 
  • Weight with batteries: 5.5 lb. 


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