FARO Freestyle 3D Scanner

FARO Freestyle 3D for sale, packages includes Scene Software License, Case, Micro SD Card, USB Card Reader, Handle, Calibration Board, Cleaning Kits


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FARO Freestyle 3D Scanner, Innovative, User-Friendly Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

Faro Freestyle 3D Scanner sale includes;

  • 1x Freestyle 3D Scanner
  • 1x Case
  • 1x Micro SD Card
  • 1x USB Card Reader
  • 1x Handle
  • 1x Calibration Board
  • 1x Cleaning Kit
  • 1x Scene Software License (Capture & Process)

FARO Freestyle3D Scanner Description

Efficient handheld 3D laser scanning

The FARO Freestyle is a top-quality, high-precision, handheld scanner for professionals. It quickly and reliably documents rooms, structures and objects in 3D and creates high-definition point clouds. With unbeatable precision, it is suitable for all uses in which installations, properties or environments must be quickly measured from various perspectives. The applications of the FARO Freestyle3D include construction, industrial engineering, and forensics.

The FARO FreestylFARO Freestyle3D Scanner - Efficient handheld 3D laser scanninge is a durable, industrial-grade device. Thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber body, the handheld scanner is highly mobile. A tablet PC is available from FARO (or may be purchased elsewhere) and supports intuitive data acquisition. The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly-used software solutions for architecture, engineering, construction accident reconstruction, forensics, accident reconstruction and/or industrial manufacturing.

The FARO Freestyle, with extra accuracy, is suitable for all applications in which challenging projects must be quickly scanned from various perspectives.

Freestyle Benefits

  • Ability to measure and scan in tight and hard-to-reach areas
  • Scan around corners where there is limited visibility
  • Memory-scan technology allows users to pause and resume scanning at any time
  • Auto leveling
  • Flexibility to work with or without artificial targets
  • Seamless integration with Focus3D laser scanner data
  • Precision handheld scanning
  • Easy-to-use scanning software
  • Worldwide service and support from local FARO facilities


Freestyle3D - efficiency in your hands

FARO-Freestyle-3D-efficiency-in-handsThe FARO Scanner Freestyle3D provides a fast and easy to use scanning solution with verifiable accuracy of the 3D colour scan data. Moreover, the handheld 3D scanner maximises your productivity offering fast data acquisition, real-time visualisation and the largest scan volume on the market. With this the scan time in the field is reduced enormously during the point cloud acquisition as well as with the processing of your scan results.

  • 3D point accuracy*: ≤ 1.5mm
  • Indoor scanning volume: Up to 8m³
  • Operating temperature range: 0 - 40°C


Freestyle3D X - Xtra accuracy for handheld laser scanning

FARO-Freestyle-Enhanced-accuracyThe FARO Scanner Freestyle3D X is especially designed for challenging scanning projects which require highest accuracy. It is suitable for all applications in which demanding projects must be quickly scanned from various perspectives.

The high-precision 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for architecture, accident reconstruction, civil engineering, construction, facility management, forensics or industrial manufacturing.

  • 3D point accuracy*: ≤ 1.0mm
  • Indoor scanning volume: Up to 8m³
  • IP rating: IP52**
  • Operating temperature range: 0 - 40°C

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